Deciding on which college you should attend for four years – one of the most significant portions of your life – isn’t a simple task and the vast number of colleges and programs can further complicate the process. However, there is hardly any reason to panic. This article will educate you on the top colleges that offer fantastic opportunities for those looking to take up a career in writing.

Read on as we let you in on the best programs around.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University’s creative writing program is one of the first such courses in the country and possesses acclaimed professors. The university has a proud history of turning out writers who went on to achieve success in writing, notably poet Peter Kline and Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent trilogy who drafted the initial copy while enrolled at the college.

The major genres

The university has three major genres; poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. If you’d like to follow a non-fiction line of study, Northwestern has a well-acclaimed journalism program that is worth a look.

Does the creative writing program offer minors?

Northwestern University’s program does offer two minors. One is the sequence based minor and if one does not pursue the 1-year sequence, the Cross-genre Minor in Creative Writing.

The extra-curricular activities available

Students at Northwestern University can take up a position at the student literary journal, enrol in an internship program at publications in Chicago or take part in the annual writing competition.

University of Iowa

The creative writing program – commonly referred to as Iowa Writers’ Workshop – offered by the University of Iowa has been constantly voted the best creative writing program in the US. However, it should we worth noting that it is a selective course and that the University of Iowa is not as powerful as other universities included in this article.

Take a better look into the University’s writing program:

How recognized is the MFA?

The writing department and Iowa Writers’ Workshop has been considered the standard for the last 75 years. The Nonfiction Writing Program has an M.F.A that was voted as the best of its kind in the US. Similarly, the M.F.A by Iowa Writers’ Workshop has held the top spot every year.

Information on the English and Creative Writing major

It is a program that explores the history, tradition and innovative aspects of the English language and the relation between critical reading and creative writing. Most importantly, students learn skills that are necessary for an art major, such as the ability to think in a creative manner and possessing sharper, more advanced writing skills.

The alumni list

The alumni list of the school is star-studded, to say the least, including the likes of Robert Penn Warren, John Berryman, and Marilynne Robinson.

Oberlin College

An art school located in Ohio, this college has a number of benefits that set it apart from the other colleges on this list. While the city does not have much in terms of writing opportunities, the calibre of lecturers and the wide selection of courses make up for it. The Creative Writing Program by Oberlin provides a major at the undergraduate stage, something offered by only a handful of other colleges.

Overview of the program

The program was begun in 1975 by esteemed poet Stuart Friebert. Oberlin College’s program focuses on a broad range of subjects that allow students to understand the relationships between the multiple literary genres. Majors have studies like a program on playwriting and various other programs are offered by the English department.

Notable alumni from Oberlin College

Oberlin College has a number of distinguishable alumni such as actress/writer Lena Dunham, Rumaan Alam whose work has been published on the New York Times and Catie Disabato, author of The Ghost Network.

The extra-curricular activities available

The college provides several openings for internships and practicum, allowing students to gain first-hand experience of what they learn. Other than that, students will find multiple campus-based publications that they can take up a role at and even contribute to. These include publications like the Oberlin Review and Synapse.